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Taking One Step Closer to Coffee & Tea - The Opening of Potpourri House

Being a girl who never drinks coffee has to take the very first step to study and understand about coffee. Well, many will ask me why? It's simply because of the trend of cafe and coffee house growing like mushrooms throughtout the whole Malaysia nowadays. Personally I love coffee but I can't drink them as my body can't take in caffeine. For your info, I had once experienced  myself with cuppuccino, it gives me dizziness, fast heart beating and nausea. That was three years back and believe me it was horrible. 


This year, I decided to take a step closer to coffee and also tea as my business partner is opening a cafe inside his Bridal House (Adonis Bridal). I am honoured to be the one naming the cafe. I named it 'Potpourri House'. The concept is more to feminine interior which uses a peachy pink color combination. The theme is English with floral decorations. From the photographs below you get what I mean ;)

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 I took an advantage with my partner and we went to a coffee & tea expert company located at Cheras, Kuala Lumpur the other day. Our mission is to try out and learn on how to make espresso, latte, cuppuccino, black tea, flower tea and green tea. But turn out he tought us about ice blended too! Here we meet Mr. Boyd, he is an awesome guy. It was a great experience throughout the whole process. Here I share some of the photographs taken with my iPhone during the visit.

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Right after the coffee session, the expert brought us to a suprisingly creative and attractive corner of his boss collection which is  the cup collection corner. I was impressed with the collections. It's hard for me to describe in words. Well you guys can see from the photographs. I only managed to snap a few out of so many cups.

                                    2 FILEminimizer 3 FILEminimizer 4 FILEminimizer 5 FILEminimizer 7 FILEminimizer  

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A shelf with the collection of expresso cups (NICE!)


Next to this collection it's the tea room. The person in-charge started to explain and educate us with all the knowledge of tea leaf. I was tought to differentiate black tea, green tea and aroma tea. There are varies type of tea in the shelf. The packing was attractive and colorful.

                                 21 FILEminimizer 1 teaFILEminimizer 25 FILEminimizer

After 3 hours of learning, finally we are done and ready ourselve to practice our own. Thanks to Mr. Boyd for such an informative tour at your place. We are one step closer to lauching the Potpourri House. Stay tuned for more updates on the upcoming the one and only potpourri cafe in Ipoh. More to come and we will definitely surprise you on the Menu.

Till then, embrace every moment of love.



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