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Dana Q & Syahir Garden Wedding Reception (Adonis Bridal Mansion, Ipoh)

 was on a mission to organize and conduct a 1,200 person outdoor garden wedding at Ipoh town. It is a very first and largest garden wedding ever conducted at Adonis Bridal Mansion. The wedding was conducted on 23rd of August 2014. With 1,200 people gathered in the garden, we managed to run the show smoothly despite of a little rain that day, but if you look at it another way, it was kind of romantic. Our pre-preparation was done two months before the function, from planning, budgeting to every inch of fine details. The whole setup up took us 5 days to build a wedding setting out of an empty field. With 65,000 sqft sized garden,we managed to put up 15 tents with stage, live band corner, candy corner, photo booth, aisle runner and a touch of garden decorations items. Here are some shots of the wedding event. 

IMG 1771 edit FILEminimizer

No other decorations can compete with Adonis Signature Statue (Sandra) 

IMG 0015 FILEminimizer

 The groom (Mr. Syahir) with his groomsmen getting ready to hit the aisle runner!


                    MG 0013 FILEminimizer

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 Not to forget the bridesmaids, 18 with a total. I guess the groomsmen were outnumbered. They were all wearing pink dresses with a grey shawl holding a bouquet of baby's breath was breath taking.


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   MG 0019 FILEminimizer

 Our lovely couple Dr. Dana Q & Mr. Syahir, they looked lovely together and so blissfully happy. They were stunning in their wedding outfit. The bride looks stunning in her mint wedding dress.                 

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  DSC 0384 FILEminimizer

 The wedding reception was celebrated with fireworks..How cool is that?

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 Our aisle runner design, especially for them with white carpet and rose petals. Dana loves fairy lighting, this aisle was specially designed for her according to her theme color of pink and grey.


 MG 9939 FILEminimizer   MG 9942 FILEminimizer

The stage was decorated according to the theme colours. Grey backdrop with pink flowers and and garden props, it is a combination of classy and lovely.


            DSC 0217 FILEminimizer  DSC 0219 FILEminimizer  DSC 0242 FILEminimizer

Our lovely touches of pinkish flower arrangements with candle lights to soften the ambience. 


                       IMG 0408 FILEminimizer  IMG 0393 FILEminimizer

Professional emcee  of the night Mr. KT Pillai, it was nice working with you. As always, you nailed the party! Keep it up... The function wouldn't be interesting without you. 


                 MG 0042 FILEminimizer  Iqram Dinzly FILEminimizer 

The reception had become more interesting with our local celebrity En. Iqram Dinzly. He is actually the bride's cousin brother. Feel sorry for him for being caught in photo taking with us. Super friendly guy. I guess you've gained a quite number of fans in here. 


              IMG 0237 FILEminimizer  IMG 1914 edit FILEminimizer

As the bridegroom came from a prestigious family, there were VIPs and VVIPs at the event, including the MB of Perak, Datuk Seri Dr Zambry Abdul Kadir. 


Wishes from Sarah Annabella to Dr. Dana Q and Mr. Syahir Bakar; A wedding day is a joyous occasion, and the only first of many you will share as a couple. May every of your marriage be filled with joy, good luck, and good health. Wishing you the best of marriage.


Till then, embrace every moment of love.


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