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48 Hours Before The Grand Opening - Adonis Bridal ft Sarah Annabella

Adonis Bridal grand opening is around the corner. While we are busy getting the things done, our management cracking their heads to make this event the most memorable one. We are proud and honoured to have a very special guest joining us for ribbon cutting ceremony. He is our ninth Ipoh Mayor, Dato' Harun Bin Rawi. Our invitation card artwork are as follow - We have worked out  our interesting agenda for the special day.  

                                        invitation card cover  invitation card inside


Hell Yeah! There will be super cars joining us! For car addicts please take note, we will have 10 units of Lamborghinis, Ferarris and Porsches park at our garden. Thanks to Penang Super Car Club for great support. Well, hot cars wouldn't be hotter without car models. Well, we will have models accompanying these cars for photography competition. To all photographers out there, get ready your cameras and lenses and you might stand a chance to win some real cash. Yes, it is all brought to you from us.

Wait, there is more. Adonis will be presenting a runway for wedding and evening gowns models. Pre-nuptial couples are most welcome to look at our lastest gown collections. Basically, everyone is invited on that day to enjoy our programmes and our lovely ambience. We will definitely adore you!

What are we up to?? It's less than 48 hours before Adonis Bridal grand opening. The clock is ticking now, everyone is hectic completing the tasks for the big function. Here is a little bit of here and there on what we are doing up to this moment.

                                         IMG 4325a FILEminimizer IMG 4326a FILEminimizer IMG 4349a FILEminimizer

Venus Excellent Sdn Bhd one of our sponsors setting up canopy and tents for our big day! Gold and beige is our theme color


 IMG 4338a FILEminimizer IMG 4355a FILEminimizer

Table numbering for our invited guests! 


IMG 4344a FILEminimizer IMG 4345a FILEminimizer

It gives me a cozy feeling. Good ambience!


IMG 4351a FILEminimizer IMG 4352a FILEminimizer

Head cracking and brainstorming session. Directors are discussing on advertisement artwork! 


It's all for now, other will be surprises. We cant't wait to see you! 


Till then, embrace every moment of love! 



Sarah Annabella

The Wedding Planner



Sarah Annabella

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