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The vow exchange of Lim Si Howe and Joanne Kek is the perfect example of how a wedding ceremony needs no pomp and circumstance; with a few simple, elegant touches, the event was made into an personal and loving affair. While the Ipoh-locals first held a traditional ceremony in their hometown, they decided to have their vow exchange in Kuala Lumpur, on the green lawn of  the Saujana Hotel garden.The small, intimate affair was held out in the open, with picturesque trees framing the venue. Our creative team at Sarah Annabella Wedding Creation brought to life the couple’s vision of a laid-back country-chic theme, with a pure white palette punctuated by shades of blue. Decorations were kept simple, but we made sure that no detail was overlooked. An abundance of natural elements such as woodsy decorations and white floral accents enhanced the beauty of the surroundings. From the sweet white bird cages that stood by the guest registration table, to the delicate blossoms of baby’s breath that was found in every corner, the mood was set for an enchanting and romantic scene ready for the the lovers to seal the deal.


The event was held on the morning of the 20th of December, 2014. With the promise of pleasant weather ahead, the excitement of the day started off bright and early at 9.00am. The bridal party, all suited up, dolled-up, and ready to go; began with the posed wedding photoshoots. Guests arrived half an hour later and were greeted at the registration table where they caught first sight of the happy couple— in large photographs displayed proudly by the desk; a delightful prelude to the connection that they would soon be witnessing. Pearly white-covered seats and vases of creamy baby’s breath flanked the bridal runway leading up to a charming branch arch, bedecked with soft blossoms where the bride and groom would meet.



                                                                        Our creative team work extra hard to achieve the desired color and theme for the wedding                                                                                                     


Lovely arch design with beautiful flower arragnement


The procession began soon after all the guests were seated. Si Howe took his place at the arch awaiting his bride. Donning a jet-black suit, grey pants, black-and-white striped tie by Wardrobe, and adorned with a delicate boutonnière of baby’s breath; he looked dapper in his delight, ready to receive his wife-to-be. The wedding procession began with the lovely flower girl and her mother, followed by the bridesmaids and maids of honour—  all looking stunning dressed in lovely gowns of deep, shimmering blue. The air of anticipation in the crowd reached a climax when Joanne emerged for her moment down the aisle. She was breathtaking in a romantic lace dress by Sakinah Kosem of Intent Fashion, smiling as she clutched her father’s arm. Walking down the aisle, she was certainly a vision in white.

 20141220 WEDDING SIHOWE JOANNE 084Beautifully decorated reception table


The beautiful couple captured beautifully by Nigel & Ben


Joanne and Si Howe reunited at the alter. Against the spectacular backdrop of the woody arch and shaded by trees in the natural beauty of the Saujana Garden, Joanne and Si Howe lovingly recited their vows and exchanged rings, reducing much of the crowd (and each other) to tears of happiness. The event capped at the pronouncement of the couple as husband and wife by Pastor Henry who was presiding as the wedding officiant— and ended with a swooning kiss between the couple. After a few words of blessing for the happy couple, the pair made their spectacular exit as guests popped party poppers and threw rose petals, blessing them as they took their first steps into wedded bliss. It was the perfect end to a beautiful ceremony which was stunning in it’s simplicity. While the venue and the decorations enhanced the air of romance, it was the love that radiated from the couple and their close ties that bore witness to their union that truly made it a memorable affair.


All the best to Si Howe & Joanne, sincerely from Sarah Annabella & team



Watch their photos in the video presentation here, beautifully captured by Stories Team

Sarah Annabella

The Wedding Planner

Photographers: Nigel & Ben
Ceremony venue: The Saujana Hotel, KL
Wedding Gown: Sakinah Kosem – Intent Fashion
Groom’s Attire: Wardrobe
Shoes: Ninewest
Make up & Hair: Hebe Leng
Stationery: Bel Koo and Title Design (Printer)

Michael and Abigail are a fun-loving couple, so it was a no-brainer that their wedding had to be just as exciting as they are! With the theme #MikeStoleAbby, they hired us at Sarah Annabella to make sure that the event was nothing short of amazing. With the main festivities split into three sections across the span of a single day, we carefully plotted out the details to make sure that everything was not just tasteful and elegant down to the slightest T— it also had to be larger than life to suit the happy couple. Photographer Alex Tan was on the scene for the whole event from start to finish, making sure that not a single moment went uncaptured for the memories.

Mike and Abby’s wedding began with a simple church ceremony at the Church of the Immaculate Conception in Pulau Tikus, Penang, where their nearest and dearest gathered at the pews to watch them exchange vows in a traditional Catholic ceremony.

IMG 8560

Our Arch Decoration at the Church


IMG 8571

Decoration inside the church lovingly done by us


IMG 8576

Flower Decoration on the church


After the church ceremony, the wedding party moved on to the Lone Pine Hotel in Penang, where the customary ‘fetch-the-bride’ activities occurred in accordance to Chinese tradition. Mike and Abby were separated, and Abby was barricaded in the bridal room to await her groom. Suited up and looking dapper in traditional red Chinese wear, Mike and his groomsmen paid the bribe and enacted the silly challenges doled out by Abby’s protective bridesmaids. After much amusement and merriment, a relieved Mike was finally allowed into the bridal room where Abby was waiting patiently in a beautiful lace dress of fiery red with capped sleeves and an elegant Mandarin collar. While the two reunited briefly, there was much to be done still with the tea ceremony ahead.

The tea ceremony was held at the hotel’s garden. Our team brought the area to life in a soft palette of white with turquoise blue and blush tones. Fanning the skyline were cheerful bunches of bright Tiffany-blue balloons which were tied at alternating rows of the seats— these were to be used for a special activity after the ceremony. A white walkway bordered with tall decorative bouquets of white orchids drew all eyes straight to the beautiful ivory pavilion that was the centerpiece. It was here that the bride and groom would be partaking in the tea ceremony with their family. Roses wound around the pillars of the pavilion as more orchids draped from the roof. It was under this charming frame that Mike and Abby received blessings from their family while serving them tea, sealing the last of the traditional customs to be finally be officiated as husband and wife. Upon that announcement, the bridal party and their guests proceeded down to the beach, each person with a bright blue balloon in hand. Everyone gathered together and released the balloons into the sky in one go. This was a symbolic gesture of triumph and celebration in honour of the newly wed couple.

IMG 8597 FILEminimizer

Garden Wedding Decoration theme, Something Blue


IMG 8601 FILEminimizer

Beautifully done arch for the tea ceremony

The last event of the day was the dinner, which was also held at out in the open on the grounds of the Lone Pine Hotel. The dining area was a masterpiece, set under a see-through canopy lit up by white Japanese paper lanterns. A sheltered aisle led up to the to the prominent stage, draped in peachy-blush with bright blue Japanese parasols, keeping in sync with the oriental accents. Twinkling fairylights hung from the canopy roof to light up the area in a dreamy sparkle when night fell.

IMG 8744 FILEminimizer

Getting ready for the dinner


IMG 8681 FILEminimizer

The host table decoration. Everyone love it!

Guests filing in for cocktails and registration were not only captured by the beautiful set-up, but also by the fun interactive photo booth that we had set up for their entertainment. A huge faux-grass backdrop and platform was set up for them. The double-sided backdrop was decorated with a white picket fence, elegant white arch and sweet birdcages filled with roses on one side; and on the other side of the backdrop was another platform with framed pictures of the happy couple. We even supplied various props such as funny signs, hats, frames, and costumes for guests to go crazy with and commemorate the day with pictures!

IMG 8850 FILEminimizer

Night View of the decoration


IMG 8833 FILEminimizer

Overall setting of the tables, chairs and tent


IMG 8852 FILEminimizer

Stage Setup wonderfully setup by our team


Amidst the air of happiness and excitement, the quirky wedded pair made an unusual grand entrance to the dinner. Arriving— suit, wedding dress and all— on a motorcycle! The funny couple had a few more tricks up their sleeves with injecting their personality into the ceremony. For example, during the cake cutting, a tiered tray of cheeseburgers and nuggets were also brought out for the groom! Soon after a few words by the couple, the guests tucked into a delicious buffet dinner whilst a live band serenaded them. After dinner, Abby had one last outfit change before the night ended. This time, she donned a glittery ensemble with a rose gold bodice and an asymmetrical skirt with delicate floral beadwork in gold. Hilarious dance numbers, funny speeches, jokes, and toasts ensued as the night went on. With much laughter and love, the elaborate ceremony, which lasted from early morning and whittled away into the later part of the night, could not have been done better. And while the jest of how #MikeStoleAbby was the essence of the affair, the memorable event ended stealing everyone’s hearts.


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Change of Mobile Phone Number

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Dear supporters,

Please be advised that as of 4th of March 2015, our new contact number will be 012-885 2303. Please change your records to reflect our new contact number information. Thank you!



Sarah Annabella

 was on a mission to organize and conduct a 1,200 person outdoor garden wedding at Ipoh town. It is a very first and largest garden wedding ever conducted at Adonis Bridal Mansion. The wedding was conducted on 23rd of August 2014. With 1,200 people gathered in the garden, we managed to run the show smoothly despite of a little rain that day, but if you look at it another way, it was kind of romantic. Our pre-preparation was done two months before the function, from planning, budgeting to every inch of fine details. The whole setup up took us 5 days to build a wedding setting out of an empty field. With 65,000 sqft sized garden,we managed to put up 15 tents with stage, live band corner, candy corner, photo booth, aisle runner and a touch of garden decorations items. Here are some shots of the wedding event. 

IMG 1771 edit FILEminimizer

No other decorations can compete with Adonis Signature Statue (Sandra) 

IMG 0015 FILEminimizer

 The groom (Mr. Syahir) with his groomsmen getting ready to hit the aisle runner!


                    MG 0013 FILEminimizer

   MG 0006 FILEminimizer

 Not to forget the bridesmaids, 18 with a total. I guess the groomsmen were outnumbered. They were all wearing pink dresses with a grey shawl holding a bouquet of baby's breath was breath taking.


 MG 0017 FILEminimizer

   MG 0019 FILEminimizer

 Our lovely couple Dr. Dana Q & Mr. Syahir, they looked lovely together and so blissfully happy. They were stunning in their wedding outfit. The bride looks stunning in her mint wedding dress.                 

DSC 0377 FILEminimizer

  DSC 0384 FILEminimizer

 The wedding reception was celebrated with fireworks..How cool is that?

 MG 9940 FILEminimizer   DSC 0164 FILEminimizer

 Our aisle runner design, especially for them with white carpet and rose petals. Dana loves fairy lighting, this aisle was specially designed for her according to her theme color of pink and grey.


 MG 9939 FILEminimizer   MG 9942 FILEminimizer

The stage was decorated according to the theme colours. Grey backdrop with pink flowers and and garden props, it is a combination of classy and lovely.


            DSC 0217 FILEminimizer  DSC 0219 FILEminimizer  DSC 0242 FILEminimizer

Our lovely touches of pinkish flower arrangements with candle lights to soften the ambience. 


                       IMG 0408 FILEminimizer  IMG 0393 FILEminimizer

Professional emcee  of the night Mr. KT Pillai, it was nice working with you. As always, you nailed the party! Keep it up... The function wouldn't be interesting without you. 


                 MG 0042 FILEminimizer  Iqram Dinzly FILEminimizer 

The reception had become more interesting with our local celebrity En. Iqram Dinzly. He is actually the bride's cousin brother. Feel sorry for him for being caught in photo taking with us. Super friendly guy. I guess you've gained a quite number of fans in here. 


              IMG 0237 FILEminimizer  IMG 1914 edit FILEminimizer

As the bridegroom came from a prestigious family, there were VIPs and VVIPs at the event, including the MB of Perak, Datuk Seri Dr Zambry Abdul Kadir. 


Wishes from Sarah Annabella to Dr. Dana Q and Mr. Syahir Bakar; A wedding day is a joyous occasion, and the only first of many you will share as a couple. May every of your marriage be filled with joy, good luck, and good health. Wishing you the best of marriage.


Till then, embrace every moment of love.


The Wedding Planner                



 First of all, I must apologize for the delay of writing this blog. After more than a month from the grand opening of Adonis Bridal, as usual, I am packed with wedding schedules. Sorry guys for releasing this 37 days after the opening. Ok, let's start.. The opening went well on the 15th of March 2014, but I myself had a very rough night walking with my heels on GRASS! Lesson learned girls, do not perform such act because of beauty. On that special night, I and Adonis team are honoured to have our very special guests Yang Teramat Mulia Raja Dato’ Seri Izzuddin Iskandar Shah Ibni Almarhum Sultan Idris A’fifullah Shah and wife Yang Teramat Mulia Datin' Seri Tengku Noor Hazah bt. Tengku Aziz Shah Al’Haj to formalize the opening.

                                       ZAC0961 FILEminimizer  ZAC1011 FILEminimizer
 ZAC0985 FILEminimizer

It is my honour to serve both of you; Yang Teramat Mulia Raja Dato’ Seri and Yang Teramat Mulia Datin’ Seri

 There are around 400 visitors came to witness the historical moment. The gimic of this event was to have 10 awesome Super Cars parked in our garden from the Penang Super Car Club that actually attracted people to flood our compound. Thank you guys for the sexy cars and not to forget the hot models for the gorgeous poses.

                               386A4240 FILEminimizer 386A4243 FILEminimizer   ZAC1083 FILEminimizer

However, we experienced a hic-up earlier that day, just an hour before the function, rain came pouring during the setup time. But luck is at our side when the rain stopped right before the VIP arrived. Pheww..that  was really really close. 

Never the less, I have to thank those who helped me in making this event successful. Credit to the following:-

1. Henry Choong for the advertising effort and being with me throughout the whole process

2. Xavier Tsai for liaising and arranging the Super Cars and VIPs

3. Ronnie Chan for the awesome videography services 

4. Cloey Choong for assisting me in everything

5. Harry from Bright & Sound Event Organizer for the PA & Sound System

6. All sponsors for your great support!! you know who you are! 

 Love ya all!

 Adonis Bridal started operate on the 18th of January 2014. Adonis is name under the name of a God of Love in Greek. Adonis Bridal serves as the largest Bridal House in Malaysia, with the land size is 65 thousands square feet. It is the very first bridal mansion in  Malaysia that has an attached cafe (Potpourri House) to serve pre-nuptial couples and also open for public. Yes, bridal house is into F&B now. Moreover, Adonis is open up for garden wedding that can accomodate up to 1000 pax wedding ceremony and reception dinner. In time, more wedding facilities will emerge and continue to develop until the goal of being the most competative and professional in wedding industry.


                            1902956 10202614817270629 890205227 n FILEminimizer 1958569 10202614806430358 1420910118 n FILEminimizer  ZAC1038 FILEminimizer

What brought a smile at my face that night was some familiar faces around me. My parents and relatives were here to support me. Luckily I manage to have a photographs session with them. How lovely! Thank you ma & pa for coming..

                            Photo Mar 20 9 56 41 AM FILEminimizer Photo Mar 20 9 56 24 AM FILEminimizer

I was surprised by the host of the night for announcing my name to be on stage for the photography session with the models as an appreciation and acknowledgement for being the most busiest person of the day. 

                                MG 4247 FILEminimizer  MG 4242 FILEminimizer

After function celebration with crew and all the young bosses. I am like their eldest sister in the family. You guys grow up so quickly. Congratulations for stepping into business zone! 

 MG 4249 FILEminimizer

Surrounded by three macho man from the left Xavier Tsai (marketing manager), TJ (emcee), right hand side is Ronnie Chan (photographer cum videographer) - It is nice working with you all. We've made a good team!

                                        ZAC0874 FILEminimizer  ZAC0882 FILEminimizer  ZAC0879 FILEminimizer

A little bit of here and there. Cupcakes from Potpourri House; the cafe of Adonis Bridal. Golden scissors for the ribbon cutting ceremony and many many flowers from our supporters.

Till then, embrace every moment of love!


Sarah Annabella

The Wedding Planner



Adonis Bridal grand opening is around the corner. While we are busy getting the things done, our management cracking their heads to make this event the most memorable one. We are proud and honoured to have a very special guest joining us for ribbon cutting ceremony. He is our ninth Ipoh Mayor, Dato' Harun Bin Rawi. Our invitation card artwork are as follow - We have worked out  our interesting agenda for the special day.  

                                        invitation card cover  invitation card inside


Hell Yeah! There will be super cars joining us! For car addicts please take note, we will have 10 units of Lamborghinis, Ferarris and Porsches park at our garden. Thanks to Penang Super Car Club for great support. Well, hot cars wouldn't be hotter without car models. Well, we will have models accompanying these cars for photography competition. To all photographers out there, get ready your cameras and lenses and you might stand a chance to win some real cash. Yes, it is all brought to you from us.

Wait, there is more. Adonis will be presenting a runway for wedding and evening gowns models. Pre-nuptial couples are most welcome to look at our lastest gown collections. Basically, everyone is invited on that day to enjoy our programmes and our lovely ambience. We will definitely adore you!

What are we up to?? It's less than 48 hours before Adonis Bridal grand opening. The clock is ticking now, everyone is hectic completing the tasks for the big function. Here is a little bit of here and there on what we are doing up to this moment.

                                         IMG 4325a FILEminimizer IMG 4326a FILEminimizer IMG 4349a FILEminimizer

Venus Excellent Sdn Bhd one of our sponsors setting up canopy and tents for our big day! Gold and beige is our theme color


 IMG 4338a FILEminimizer IMG 4355a FILEminimizer

Table numbering for our invited guests! 


IMG 4344a FILEminimizer IMG 4345a FILEminimizer

It gives me a cozy feeling. Good ambience!


IMG 4351a FILEminimizer IMG 4352a FILEminimizer

Head cracking and brainstorming session. Directors are discussing on advertisement artwork! 


It's all for now, other will be surprises. We cant't wait to see you! 


Till then, embrace every moment of love! 



Sarah Annabella

The Wedding Planner


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